Whole-Home Audio & Video

Synergy offers the most powerful whole home audio and video systems because not only do we specify great products, but we work with you to figure out what system will work best in your home to suit your lifestyle and budget. Our whole home audio and video distribution systems are completely integrated into the architecture of your home and life.

We offer wireless standalone systems from Sonos, Bose, and Denon Heos or integrated high performance wired multi-zone systems with built-in speakers from Crestron and Elan Home Systems.  Each have their strengths and weaknesses so we will work with you to discuss what will work best in your particular application.

We take time to listen to your priorities. If you desire speakers to be hidden, we have in-wall and in-ceiling products that look and sound great from quality vendors like Revel, Monitor Audio, James Loudspeaker, SpeakerCraft, Definitive Technology, Niles Audio and Episode.

If you prefer the highest quality floor-standing or bookshelf speakers, our vendors Revel, Atlantic Technology, Monitor Audio and Episode cover the gamut of performance.  For luxury home cinema, our JBL Synthesis systems will exceed even the best commercial cinemas on the planet.  Not only are the Synthesis speakers custom specified for your particular room, but an engineer will perform a complete digital signal processing acoustic analysis and remediation of your room to smooth out any deficiencies in the sound, resulting in the cleanest, loudest and most impactful cinema experience available on the planet.

Top tier video components? Yep, we got ’em. Samsung, Sony, Epson, LG, Screen Innovations, Stewart Filmscreen and just about every other major manufacturer out there.

Above all else, we provide VALUE. With better quality equipment than the big box stores, significantly better installation services and never higher prices for your whole home audio and video in Atlanta, why go anywhere else?