Shade Control

An automated window shading system is an important part of each room’s ambiance and plays an important role in privacy and energy savings. We have so much experience with advanced automated window shading systems, we formed a subsidiary called Motion Shading, which has grown to be the largest residential supplier of automated shades in the South. Please visit for the finest in automated home shading fashions.

Here at Synergy, our mission is to seek out, test and then finally offer products that work seamlessly in a single app-controlled home automation environment.  Our Lutron, Crestron, Hunter Douglas and qMotion shading systems all fit this bill to one extent or another.  There is no disputing the fact that we install more shading systems than any other integrator in the South.  This extensive experience has given us unique insight into what systems work best in which application, something you simply cannot get from an integrator that may install 5, 10, or even 100 shades in a year.  You can rest assured that a Synergy-installed shading system will be measured better, installed better, integrated better and serviced better than from any other source in the area.

We recommend Lutron shading products to folks looking for roller or honeycomb window shades or drapery tracks because of their near-silent operation, their great value whether in a standalone situation with a handheld or wall-mounted remote control or as part of nearly any major home automation platform, whether it be Amazon Alexa, HomeKit, Crestron, Elan, Control4 or Lutron’s own Caseta, RadioRa2 or Homeworks QS systems.  Lutron provides tremendous flexibility with choosing nearly any system out there for seamless control.  After all, your window shading and lighting control system will have a longer useful life than your automation platform so Lutron allows you to upgrade your technology package without needing to change out all your lights and shades.

Hunter Douglas offers a tremendous array of window fashions to complement nearly any interior design.  Nobody else offers the number of various styles at nearly every price level.  Hunter Douglas works great with standalone handheld or wall-mounted controls but does not have the same 3rd party automation capabilities as some of our other product lines.  You would choose Hunter Douglas if you don’t need whole-home shading controls via a separate automation controller but can’t live without a style that only they can provide.

Crestron roller shades and drapery tracks are a fantastic complement to a Crestron automated home environment.  Installation is somewhat limited due to a lack of battery powered options, but most of our Crestron installations are in new construction or during renovations, so this is less of an issue than it may seem.  Crestron matches Lutron’s silent operation and offers a better fabric selection assortment and operation on the Crestron platform, backed by a limited lifetime warranty, at a similar price point.  If you are building an end-to-end Crestron ecosystem, these shades should be at the top of your list.

qMotion offers unique battery powered operation on even very large shades, a very good fabric assortment, good compatibility with Elan, Crestron and Control4 automation platforms and some unique, patented features at a slightly lesser cost than their competitors.  If you need battery powered shades or if budget is a consideration but still want tremendous fabrics, near-silent operation and compatibility with the major automation platforms, qMotion deserves a look.

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