What is Technology Integration?

Technology integration is the practice of designing spaces where technology is both accessible and future-ready. Technology integrators work with architects and their clients to define technology needs, and then handle the design and installation of customized home automation, security, entertainment and related sub-systems.

Today’s homeowners want features like distributed audio, custom home theaters or open concept entertainment areas, and automated control systems. From a more practical standpoint, they’re interested in security systems, energy efficiency, and secure remote access that not only protects what’s inside but also ensures their network and personal information are secure.

Technology is becoming more sophisticated every day, but keeping up doesn’t have to be a concern. If you’re ready to take your designs to the next level, it’s time to partner with us. Contact us to learn more.

Why Partner With Us?

Industry experts predict that most residences will soon possess some form of home automation. It’s the hottest trend going. However, we know that designing a modern-era smart home is no easy task. With changing regulations, regional building standards, and clients’ diverse expectations, you have more than enough on your plate.

Partnering with a technology integrator during the design phase will help you to meet your clients’ expectations and avoid time consuming, costly changes later in the process. Set yourself apart from the competition. Design for the future with the help of a technology integrator.

How We Collaborate With You
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As highly skilled technology integrators, we have expertise in all aspects of home automation, including distributed audio, custom home theaters and open concept entertainment areas, home security, and remote network access to ensure your clients’ home electronics function just as they were designed to. Whether you have had a client inquire about technology integration or you want to begin designing homes that incorporate and anticipate your clients’ technology requirements, we provide just what you need, when you need it.

From preliminary discussions to design and installation, we want to be part of your process. We offer consultation, demonstrations, workshops, and all the wiring, hardware, software, and expertise required for superior custom installations. Call us with a question or to schedule a presentation. We’re technology experts and we’re here to help you design for the future. Contact us to learn more.